The way that residents receive their collection schedules and certain waste management information has changed. The City is no longer producing and mailing the traditional Waste Management Calendar/Guide. Instead:

  • waste collection schedules are being sent as part of the utility bill
  • a separate condensed Waste Management Guide is being mailed to households.

The changes to how this waste information is being distributed were approved by City Council as part of the 2021 Rate-Supported Budget. These changes provide cost savings and also allow the City to reduce its environmental impact by decreasing the amount of material it prints and distributes.

The City will monitor the impact of the new education resources on the City’s waste management programs and feedback from residents to help inform future decisions around how this information is distributed and report back to City Council as part of the 2023 Rate-Supported Budget process.

2022 Collection Schedules

  • Collection schedules were sent as the last page of the utility bill and feature information about proper waste set out on the back.
  • Those who do not receive utility bills to their home or were not scheduled to receive a utility bill before January had their collection schedules mailed to them in December.
  • All mailings that included a collection schedule had a note on the back of the envelope to indicate that the schedule was inside.
  • All residents should now have their 2022 waste collection schedule. The 2022 schedules are also available online and via the lookup tool.
  • Residents can also access their collection schedules and get reminders about what waste to set out when with the TOwaste app. If you have the app and the 2022 collection dates are not appearing, please uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • Schedules with larger print and icons have also been created and can be requested by contacting 311.

Condensed Waste Management Guide

Additional Ways to Get Waste Management Information

The City recognizes that not all people consume information in the same way or format and remains committed to providing key waste information to residents through a variety of different channels. In addition to being provided in print, collection schedules and information about proper waste set out and sorting, waste reduction and Drop-Off Depots is available online or by calling 311. The City also provides residents with waste management information through the TOwaste app, public education campaigns, social media, media materials, City newsletters and various outreach and stakeholder engagement activities.