Search by street: You can enter full names or even partial names for street and intersection searches e.g. Queen or Queen Street or Queen St. W. (Other example: St Clair Ave W or Saint Clair Avenue West / O Connor or O’Conner or OConnor.)

Search by address: A range of addresses can be searched and multiple listings result under the maps frame (e.g. 1-10 Yonge St will give a listing for 1, 8 and 10 Yonge St). In addition, only one street is required in the intersection search. The result will display all intersections for that street.

Note: For 800 x 600 monitor users – search results show up below the maps frame.

  • The street name as entered is not recognized by our data base. Try again entering the first few letters of the street name (e.g. Don not Don Mills).
  • The street number entered is not recognized by our data base or may be a new street not yet entered in the database. Try a different number
    The street name or number is not within the City of Toronto.
  • Toronto maps is best viewed using Internet Explorer version 5.5 or above.

Some users report experiencing an endless “processing” message when using the map.

Should this happen to you, try another browser as a solution.

If your Internet service provider offered a browser with their install package, it is recommended you use their version as opposed to a download of the same browser.

Not all users are having this difficulty and it appears that the independent browser download (of the same browser as supplied by the ISP) may be a factor. Some users report going to Netscape from Internet Explorer solved the problem.

The Geospatial Competency Centre (GCC) takes pride in providing accurate and current geospatial data for internal and external purposes. The update cycle for topographic features, which includes buildings, is ongoing. As the City of Toronto is a rapidly developing city, the GCC performs analysis techniques to identify areas that require updating, including, but not limited to:

  • City operationally significant areas
  • City capital significant areas
  • Areas of planned development
  • Change detection
  • User identified areas

If your building is newer, please be aware that the topographic update cycle does not collect features that are under construction.

Technical words and their definitions can be found in our Glossary