We have a wide selection of free materials with information on how you can prepare yourself and your family for a fire, medical, or general emergency. Most items are available now in multiple languages.

Recovering after a fire may be one of the most difficult things you ever have to do. This information booklet was designed to assist you and hopefully make the process of recovery a bit easier by providing information and resources on emergency housing; recovering lost documents; salvaging furniture and appliances; dealing with your insurance company; food and medicine and cleaning up. It takes you through the many tasks you need to do step-by-step to restore your life and home back in order.

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After A Fire – Resources to Assist Recovery

An “In Case of Emergency” information sheet that allows you to provide important medical details for paramedics and hospital staff should the need arise. These sheets are easy to read and provide critical information to healthcare providers at a time when communication may be hindered due to illness or language barriers.

Keep this sheet up to date with any changes in current medical conditions or medications. The “In Case of Emergency” sheet is downloadable and printable in order for you to make as many changes as you need to keep the information current. We recommend posting the sheet somewhere handy like the front of your refrigerator.

For your convenience, you may fill out this sheet on your computer before printing. It is available in several languages. Where possible, though it should be filled out in English (and Roman letters in the case of non-Roman-alphabet languages) so that medical professionals can understand the information you have written.

This preparedness guide is a resource to assist residents to ensure they are “Emergency Ready”. The tips in this guide are for those living in high-rise buildings, detached homes and any other type of dwellings. These guides are also available in multiple languages.

To request copies of our guides contact us by email at OEM@toronto.ca or by calling 416-392-4554.

get emergency ready poster
Get Emergency Ready poster

Download a printable version of our “Get Emergency Ready” poster.

















It is important to remember that an emergency can take place any place and at any time. This preparedness guide is a resource to assist employees get prepared in case of an emergency at the workplace. For more information on how you can get workplace prepared, click here.


Get Emergency Ready at Work
“Get Emergency Ready at Work”


Here are some questions to help you explore your personal safety. Just to make it easy, you should be answering yes to all of the following questions. If you answer no, have a closer look at the item to see if that is really how you wish to handle the situation. Review and print the personal safety checklist

Can’t find what your looking for? The National Fire Protection Association offers free safety tip sheets on a variety of fire and life safety topics.