The major milestones of the Mimico-by-the-Lake community revitalization initiative are provided below.

The OMB hearing status for the Mimico-by-the-Lake Secondary Plan can be found on the OMB website.

City staff will be seeking Council authority for instructions with regards to Phase 2 of the Mimico-by-the-Lake Secondary Plan OMB Hearing. The report and Council’s decision are available.

On March 31, 2015, the OMB issued their written decision on Phase 1 of the Mimico-by-the-Lake Secondary Plan, bringing the majority of the Secondary Plan into full force and effect, with the exception of the matters subject to the two site specific appeals to be heard at the Phase 2 Hearing, commencing November 16, 2015.

City staff will be seeking Council authority for partial settlement of the resident appeal based on the conclusions and recommendations attached to the staff report. The report and Council’s decision are available.

At the June 18, 2013 Public Meeting, Etobicoke York Community Council adopted the Final Report: Mimico-by-the-Lake Secondary Plan. City Council’s decision and report are available.

At the April 9, 2013 Public Meeting, Etobicoke York Community Council (EYCC) deferred its decision regarding the Final Report: Mimico-by-the-Lake Secondary Plan until June 18, 2013 to allow Planning staff the opportunity to respond to comments received at the EYCC meeting. The Public Meeting for the Mimico-by-the-Lake Secondary Plan was scheduled on the April 9, 2013 Etobicoke York Community Council agenda, 7:00 p.m.. The agenda item and final report prepared by City Planning is available.

On February 21, 2013, City Council passed the a motion to delete the January 22, 2013 EYCC Motion 21.49 and instead, instructed Planning staff to address in their Final Report how recommended policies and initiatives will create a framework to encourage investment in the area.

The motion is available.

Work on the Final Report and Secondary Plan is continuing and once completed, staff will ensure that ample community notice including a copy of the Secondary Plan itself will be provided in advance of the date these items will be considered by Community Council.

The City hosted 2 Community Workshops to introduce the concept of a Secondary Plan for Mimico and to seek public input focusing on the built form ‘building block’ of the emerging Plan.

A Status Update Meeting was held on December 7, 2011, 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium at John English School.

Hosted by Urban Strategies Inc., the Mimico 20/20 Revitalization Charette was a very successful major community event attracting over 200 participants, including residents, community groups, politicians, City staff, agencies, land owners and businesses. Over 20 separate city-building themed sessions were offered in varying formats including round table discussions, workshops, invited guest speakers, walking tours, on-going scale modeling and hands-on design sessions.

Charette participants identified targeted strategies to direct future change across Mimico-By-The-Lake and created a large scale model that explored potential future development opportunities. The scaled model was a physical interpretation of the community’s vision and acted as the conceptual framework plan for future redevelopment and revitalization opportunities.

he consultant’s key implementation recommendation is for a City-initiated Official Plan amendment for the creation of a framework that addresses key policy areas including Land Use, Rental Housing, Density, Infrastructure, Design and Open Space.

On behalf of City Planning and all Project Partners, we’d like to thank Urban Strategies for their most valued input and participation in this Project phase.

On October 13, 2009, Planning staff presented a report to Etobicoke York Community Council (EYCC) (Item 30.20) to introduce the above documents, as well as to announce the commencement of the final Project implementation phase through a City-initiated Official Plan Amendment exercise.

September 24, 2009 report
Report Part 1
Report Part 2

City Planning is pleased to announce the return of Urban Strategies Inc. to complete the final “vision-to-implementation” phase of the Mimico 20/20 Project. As previously mentioned, Urban Strategies is an award winning Toronto based, internationally respected planning and urban design firm that has assembled an impressive multi-disciplinary team to complete this task.

An Information Report was presented at the July 7, 2008 Etobicoke-York Community Council (EYCC) meeting as part of Agenda Item EY18.39 – Mimico 20/20 Revitalization Initiative – Terms of Reference Outline – Project Update. The Report provides background information on the study process to date and sets the framework on which a detailed Request For Proposals will be prepared. Upon hiring the successful consultants in the summer of 2008, staff anticipate initial public contact in the Fall and completion of the report in the first quarter of 2009.

On the evening of February 25, 2008, City Planning was pleased to host an Open House/Information Session under the theme “Moving Forward: Process, Priorities, Participation”. Held at the Mimico Public Library, the event was very well attended with over 140 area residents and community stakeholders. The purpose of the event was to provide information and encourage public discussion and feedback on the next steps of Project Mimico 20/20, namely:

  1. the preparation of a study/action plan Terms of Reference; and
  2. the hiring of study consultants

The first part of the evening was conducted as an informal Open House session. Questionnaires in hand, members of the public had an opportunity to visit “info stations” and meet with/ask questions of City (and TRCA) staff having expertise within each of the 7 broad Study Priority Areas. The aim of this session was to assist the public in completing the questionnaire and personally meet your Project partners.

Following welcoming remarks from Councillor Mark Grimes, the next portion of the evening featured short presentations from the City Divisions of Planning, Parks, and Economic Development. City Planning provided an overview of the area, the Project history and update, a summary of the key June 16/07 Workshop findings and the proposed next steps.

Staff from Parks and Economic Development with the assistance of the local BIA, provided updates on recent, current and near term activities. The presentations underscored that there is already ‘something going on’ within the Mimico-by-the-Lake community, and stimulated thought for future study/action to complement existing initiatives.

The final segment of the evening included a question and answer period, where members of the public had the opportunity to be heard and have their concerns addressed in an open forum.

City staff considers the evening to be a great success, where the dialogue was found constructive, and the level of public interest, cooperation and enthusiasm most encouraging.

Open House Questionnaire Results

Planning staff developed a public Questionnaire to seek feedback that was incorporated in the Study Terms of Reference preparation and consultant hiring Project phase. The questionnaire focused on reaffirming the community ‘Vision’, and ranking of the 7 broad Study Priority Areas.

Community Vision Affirmation

Based on the submitted responses, “Community Vision” statement now reads:

“Mimico-By-The-Lake is a historic Toronto Community that is known for its unique lakeside location within Toronto’s waterfront. It has exemplary public spaces and connections to and along the waterfront with trails, parks and places for community gathering and play; an accessible, attractive and vibrant main street that supports transit and a mix of shops, services, employment opportunities and community activities and is a draw for residents and others outside the area; housing choices and opportunities for renewed rental and ownership; and inclusive participation from an active mixed income community which celebrates its history, diversity, environment, arts and culture.”

Study Priority Area Rankings

Respondents were asked to identify in order, their top 3 rankings of the 7 broad Study Priority Areas. The following Table summarizes the final results:

Overall Summary Table

Overall Rank Study Priority Area Frequency
(no. of times voted as 1, 2 or 3)
Total Points
1 Parks, Recreation & Waterfront 39 94
2 Housing 28 93
3 Land Use/Built Form 31 78
4 Transportation 27 47
5 Business/Economic Development and Promotion 16 40
6 Infrastructure/Public Realm 15 21
7 Social Services 12 21


Planning staff note that despite these rankings, all of the above have been established as Priority Areas, as identified at the outset of the Project through the original June 16/07 Community Workshop day, and will continue to be treated as such. This exercise has however produced a tool that will be useful for assisting in the efficient allocation of limited resources. There is no compelling evidence to suggest elimination of any of the established Study Priority Areas.

The above directive resulted in a community workshop facilitated by professional facilitator Sue Cumming of Cumming+Company, and was attended by over 100 participants on June 16, 2007.

The results of the community workshop are contained in the consultant’s report entitled Mimico 20/20 Workshop Report and Recommendations For Next Steps. This document along with a project update and outline of next steps was provided in a Planning Report at the January 15, 2008 Etobicoke York Community Council meeting as item EY13.25 – Mimico-By-The-Lake Revitalization Initiative.

On September 13, 2006, Etobicoke York Community Council (See item 7.105 on page 92, Report 7 Clause 86) requested the Director, Community Planning, Etobicoke York District to report on the next steps involved in moving the “Mimico by the Lake Project 20/20: A Perfect Vision for our Community” initiative forward.

This document was brought forward to initiate a formal community revitalization process following discussions between the local Councillor and area residents. The document preliminarily identifies some of the opportunities, challenges and potential implementing mechanisms to secure revitalization of the Mimico apartment strip and surrounding area. The document also reiterates a desire in seeking broad participation from all stakeholders throughout the process.

Based on the recommendations contained in the ensuing Planning staff report dated January 30, 2007, on February 13, 2007 Etobicoke York Community Council (EYCC) directed staff to facilitate a broad based public consultation process to establish a vision, and determine potential next steps towards the revitalization of the Mimico-by-the-Lake Community. The direction of the EYCC can be found in the February 13, 2007 EYCC meeting minutes.