To keep pace with the demands of a growing population and to encourage greater participation in sports and recreation, the Sport Plan was approved by Council in October 2017. The City and partners will work collaboratively to implement the Plan recommendations, measure progress and communicate successes and outcomes.

OUTCOME: A strengthened sport system that works collectively towards shared goals to support lifelong participation in sport.


  • Establish a Toronto Sport Resource Group to help guide the implementation of the Sport Plan.
  • Strengthen interactions across the sport system through sustained engagement and communication between stakeholders.
  • Establish a registry of Toronto community sport organizations.
  • Support community sport organizations by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise.
  • Incorporate the development of physical literacy into City-delivered sport programs through enhanced and evidence-based delivery models.
  • Develop an intentional City of Sport partnership framework to catalyze sponsorship and collaboration with institutions, donors and the private sector.

OUTCOME: An established City of Sport brand that effectively promotes the value of sport, inspires participation and facilitates access to information.


  • Work with City divisions and agencies to deliver an annual public awareness and social marketing campaign that raises the profile and visibility of sport in Toronto and the City of Sport strategy and identity.
  • Investigate potential online platforms that would facilitate access to information about community sport across program providers.
  • Leverage communication channels, particularly digital platforms, to effectively connect people to volunteer opportunities in community sport organizations.
  • Inspire lifelong participation through the recognition and celebration of the sport accomplishments of Torontonians.

OUTCOME: Progressive policies and practices that reduce systemic barriers and support increased participation in sport by diverse communities.


  • Develop an inclusive sport practical guide and training module that fosters a safe and positive environment for recreational sport.
  • Sustain pathways for youth to access meaningful employment in sport through the Toronto Sport Leadership Program.
  • Cultivate diversity in community sport leadership by promoting development opportunities.
  • Through research and ongoing consultation with diverse communities, increase understanding of barriers to participation in sport and effective methods of engagement to identify responsive opportunities and services.