General Specifications

Spec. No. Title Revision Date
TS 1.00 Construction Specification for Maintenance of Traffic Sep 2020
TS 1.10 Construction Specification for Field Office Sep 2021
TS 1.20 Construction Specification for Garbage Collection Apr 2014
TS 1.30 Construction Specification for Steel Plates Used in Connection with Roadway Utility Excavations Sep 2020

Flexible and Rigid Pavement Specifications

Spec. No. Title Revision Date
TS 3.10 Construction Specification for Asphalt Heater Scarifying Sep 2017
TS 3.15 Construction Specification for Cold Milling of Asphalt Pavement Apr 2014
TS 3.17 Construction Specification for Strip Asphalt Overlain on Concrete Gutter Sep 2017
TS 3.20 Construction Specification for Tack Coat Sep 2021
TS 3.30 Construction Specification for Hot Mix Asphalt Sidewalks, Boulevards and Driveways Sep 2018
TS 3.40 Construction Specification for Concrete Road Base Sep 2021
TS 3.41 Construction Specification for Concrete Bus Pad Sep 2018
TS 3.45 Construction Specification for The Repair of Concrete Pavement and Base Sep 2018
TS 3.50 Construction Specification for Concrete Curb and Concrete Curb and Gutter Sep 2017
TS 3.55 Construction Specification for Brick Gutter Sep 2017
TS 3.70 Construction Specification for Concrete Sidewalk and Concrete Raised Median
Tactile Walking Surface Indicator (TWSI) Fact Sheet
Sep 2019
TS 3.75 Construction Specification for Streetcar Track Pavement and Foundation Slab Sep 2017
TS 3.80 Construction Specification for Concrete Unit Pavers Sep 2018
TS 3.90 Construction Specification for Crack Repair Sep 2017
TS 4.50 Construction Specification for Utility Adjustments Sep 2017
TS 4.60 Construction Specification for Utility Cut and Restoration
Utility Cut Repair Guidelines
Sep 2021
TS 4.70 Construction Specification for Keyhole Excavation and Permanent Reinstatement of Keyhole Cores Apr 2018

Material Specifications

Spec. No. Title Revision Date
TS 1003 Material Specification for Aggregates Hot Mixed, Hot Laid Asphaltic Concrete Sep 2017
TS 1010 Amendment to OPSS.MUNI 1010 (Apr 2013) – Material Specification for Aggregates – Base, Subbase, Select Subgrade and Backfill Material Sep 2017
TS 1101 Amendment to OPSS.MUNI 1101 (Nov 2016) – Material Specification for Performance Graded Asphalt Cement Apr 2018
TS 1151 Amendment to OPSS.MUNI 1151 (Apr 2018) – Material Specification for Superpave and Stone Mastic Asphalt Mixtures Sep 2018
TS 1350 Amendment to OPSS.MUNI 1350 (Nov 2014) – Material Specification for Concrete – Materials and Production Sep 2017

Miscellaneous Specifications

Spec. No. Title Revision Date
TS 2.00 Construction Specification for Clearing and Grubbing of Right-of-Way Apr 2014
TS 2.10 Construction Specification for General Excavation Sep 2018
TS 2.20 Construction Specification for Excavation of Track Allowance Sep 2018
TS 5.00 Construction Specification for Sodding Sep 2017
TS 5.10 Construction Specification for Growing Medium Sep 2021
TS 5.20 Construction Specification for Direct Seeding Sep 2018
TS 5.30 Construction Specification for Planting Sep 2021
TS 9.00 Construction Specification for Surface Sealing for Structural Concrete Apr 2014
TS 13.10 Specification for Unshrinkable Fill Sep 2021
TS 206 Amendment to OPSS.MUNI 206 (Apr 2019) – Construction Specification for Grading Sep 2022
TS 310 Construction Specification for Hot Mixed, Hot Laid Asphaltic Concrete Paving Sep 2021
TS 405 Amendment to OPSS.MUNI 405 (Nov 2017) – Construction Specification for Pipe Subdrains Sep 2022
TS 501 Amendment to OPSS.MUNI 501 (Nov 2017) – Construction Specification for Compaction Sep 2022
TS 772 Amendment to OPSS.MUNI 772 (Apr 2019) – Construction Specification for Chain-Link Fence Sep 2022

Construction Drawings for Road Works

Drawing No. Drawing Title Revision Date
T-216.02-1 Composite Pavement Construction for Local and Collector Roads Sep 2018
T-216.02-2 Composite Pavement Construction for Major and Minor Arterial Roads Sep 2018
T-216.02-3 Location and Detail of Joints for Rigid Pavements Sep 2019
T-216.02-4 Location and Detail of Joints for Composite Pavements Sep 2018
T-216.02-5 Utility Isolation in Composite Pavement Nov 2014
T-216.02-6 Flexible Pavement for All Road Classifications Nov 2014
T-216.02-8 Roadway Subdrains Nov 2014
T-216.02-9 Cross-section Limits for General Excavation (Payment Purposes Only) Sep 2017
T-216.02-10 Streetcar Track Allowance Cross-section Nov 2014
T-216.02-11 Concrete Pavement in TTC Track Allowance Detail Nov 2014
T-216.02-12 Crowd Control Barrier Nov 2014
T-216.02-18 Steel Plate Ahead Sep 2020
T-216.02-25 Catchbasin Indicator Arrow Marking Nov 2014
T-216.03 Structures and Expressways Bronze Identification Plaque Nov 2014
T-219.130-1 Sediment Control Fence Nov 2014
T-221.01 Asphalt Paving for Multi-Use Pathway Sep 2021
T-310.010-1 Location and Detail of Joints for Sidewalk Nov 2016
T-310.010-2 Concrete Sidewalk with Boulevard Sep 2017
T-310.010-3 Concrete Sidewalk with Retaining Curb Nov 2016
T-310.010-4 Combined Concrete Curb and Sidewalk Sep 2017
T-310.010-5 Joints at Sidewalk Openings Nov 2014
T-310.010-6 Sidewalk Stamp Location for New Sidewalk Installation Nov 2014
T-310.010-7 Stamp for Concrete Work by Contractor Sep 2018
T-310.010-8 Bus Stop Landing for Standard and Articulated Buses Sep 2019
T-310.010-9 Concrete Boulevard Edge Sep 2017
T-310.010-10 Pedestrian Clearway Widths on Sidewalks Sep 2018
T-310.010-11 Stamp for Concrete Work by Utility Sep 2018
T-310.010-12 Walk of Fame Sidewalk Sep 2020
T-310.020-1 Detail of Joints in Sidewalk with Unit Pavers Nov 2016
T-310.020-2 Sidewalk Paved With Unit Paver Band At Curb Sep 2018
T-310.030-5 Zebra Pavement Marking Detail At Signalized Intersections Nov 2014
T-310.030-6 Pavement Marking for Pedestrian Crossover Standard Conditions Nov 2016
T-310.030-7 Signalized Intersection Configurations of Pedestrian Crossings Apr 2014
T-310.030-8 Controlled Non Signalized Intersection Configuration of Pedestrian Crossings Apr 2014
T-310.030-9 Location of Dropped Curbs at Controlled Intersections Nov 2016
T-310.030-10 Tactile Walking Surface Indicator and Curb Ramp Detail Sep 2018
T-310.030-11 Tactile Walking Surface Indicator and Depressed Curb Detail Sep 2018
T-310.030-12 Raised Crosswalk Jan 2021
T-310.030-13 Raised Intersection Jan 2021
T-310.030-14 Raised One-Way Street Intersection Jan 2021
T-310.030-15 Truck Apron Sep 2021
T-310.050-1 Vehicle Entrance In Combined Curb and Sidewalk Nov 2014
T-310.050-2 Vehicular Crossing of Sidewalk With Unit Paver Installation Sep 2018
T-310.050-8 Driveway Thickness Sep 2018
T-350.01 Urban Entrances Nov 2014
T-501.01 Concrete Bus Pad Sep 2019
T-502.01 Concrete Pavement for Lanes Nov 2014
T-504.01-1 Raised Median Pavement Treatment Nov 2014
T-504.01-2 Raised Median Planting Treatment Nov 2014
T-504.02 Speed Hump Sep 2019
T-508.010-1 Anchored Hook Bolt Dowel and Concrete Repair Detail Sep 2020
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Composite Pavement Patching for Utility Cuts Jan 2019
(2 of 2)
Flexible Pavement Patching for Utility Cuts Jan 2019
T-561.030-1 Unit Pavers on Concrete Base Non-Vehicular Locations Sep 2018
T-561.030-2 Unit Pavers on Granular Base Non-Vehicular Locations Sep 2019
T-600.05-1 Concrete Curb and Gutter Nov 2014
T-600.07-1 Two-stage Curb and Gutter Sep 2019
T-600.11-1 Concrete Curb Nov 2014
T-601.01-2 Concrete Toe Walls Nov 2014
T-603.030 Precast Concrete Curb for Bicycle Lanes Sep 2021
T-603.031-1 Curbstone Island Layouts – Type A and Type B Sep 2021
T-603.031-2 Curbstone Island Layouts – Type C and Type D Sep 2021
T-603.032 Curbstone Island Detail – 1 Sep 2021
T-603.033 Curbstone Island Detail – 2 Sep 2021
T-603.034 Curbstone Island Detail – 3 Sep 2021
T-603.035 Curbstone Island Detail – 4 Sep 2021
T-603.036 Curbstone Island Detail – 5 Sep 2021
T-603.040 Beveled Concrete Curb Sep 2022
T-603.041 Poured in Place Flat Concrete Curb Sep 2022
T-603.042 Round Concrete Curb Sep 2022
T-603.043 Poured in Place Concrete Curb – Type A Sep 2022
T-603.044 Poured in Place Concrete Curb – Type B Sep 2022
T-603.045 Zero Face Concrete Curb Island Sep 2022
T-610.020-1 Installation of New Catch Basin Casting Sep 2019
T-850.171 Roadway Ditch Cross Section Jan 2021
T-850-172 Roadway Ditch Driveway Entrance Jan 2021
T-900.01-2 Standard Aluminum Railing for Sidewalks and Walls with Concrete Parapets Sep 2022
T-900.01-3 Standard Aluminum Railing for Sidewalks and Walls Without Concrete Parapets Sep 2022
T-900.200 Pedestrian Bridge Jun 2021
T-980.100 Pedestrian Refuge Island Design Sep 2018
T-980.101 Standard Railing for Pedestrian Refuge Island Nov 2014
T-982.101 Splash Guard Barrier 980 mm High Sep 2018
T-982.201 Splash Guard Barrier 1370 mm High Sep 2018
T-985.100 Clean Fill Requirements for Contaminated Lands Typical Street Sep 2019
T-985.200 Conceptual Design of Typical Road Allowance and Deep Utility Barrier Sep 2019
T-985.300 Conceptual Design of Typical Cap Barrier for Treed Areas Sep 2019
T-990.100 Raised Cycle Track and Boulevard Without Trench Drain Sep 2019
T-990.200 Raised Cycle Track and Boulevard With Trench Drain Sep 2019
T-990.300 Intermediate Height Raised Cycle Track With Beveled Separated Curb Sep 2022