We are pleased to update the community that all work in the Danforth Ave and Broadview Ave area has been completed and our contractor is continuing with the final restorations on Broadview Ave towards Gerrard Street. We anticipate that all construction activities on Broadview Avenue will be completed by mid-June.


The City of Toronto will be replacing the watermain and the City-owned portion of substandard water services, on Broadview Avenue between Gerrard Street East and Danforth Avenue. Additional watermain replacement work will also be undertaken on Montcrest Boulevard from Broadview Avenue to 120 meters west of Broadview Avenue.

The water service is the underground pipe that brings water to your water meter and is owned by you and by the City. The part you own is from your house to the end of your property, the part the City owns is from the end of your property to the watermain. This project is part of the Council-approved 2021 Capital Works Program to renew our aging infrastructure, improve water distribution, reduce the risk of waterman breaks and improve Toronto’s infrastructure.

  • Broader local construction in this area: Please be aware that there are a number of other construction projects taking place in the Danforth and Broadview area during the summer of 2021. Please see the Map of Work Area and Other Local Construction Projects tab for further details on other surrounding projects commencing this summer.
  • Important information about COVID-19 and Construction Work in Toronto: During construction, the contractor is responsible for the Health & Safety on site under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and is expected to implement COVID-19 mitigation practices. For more information on the City’s response to COVID-19 please visit toronto.ca/covid-19.
  • Community impacts: We understand this project will have an impact on the residents and businesses in the area, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We sympathize and appreciate your patience with the dust, noise, fencing, parking and other impacts of this essential infrastructure construction. Please call 911 if you are in an emergency, immediate danger or medical distress. For other needs, call 211 to be connected to mental health and other social services.

Work crews will mark the locations of underground utilities, such as gas, water and cable so that the construction work does not interfere with these utilities.

Work in the boulevard in front of properties is planned. This work includes removing and replacing a portion of driveways, municipal sidewalks and grassed boulevards, where necessary. Property owners should remove items located within City property limits (boulevard), such as displays, street furniture, patio accessories and or decorative objects before work starts. The City will not be held responsible for damage to items in the boulevard.

Construction Update 1 as of June 14, 2021

Current work taking place on Montcrest Avenue has not been impacted by the industry wide watermain pipe shortage and is expected to be completed the week of June 28, 2021.

Broadview Watermain work may not commence until approximately late July or early August 2021. Once all pipes and materials can be secured by our contractor a revised project schedule and a Construction Update will be issued. Our construction team will re-engage with the local community regarding preparing for local construction impacts.

During the delay time our contractor will be demobilizing in certain areas along Broadview Avenue to allow for restaurant patios, on street parking, and short term parking for deliveries. Restaurants participating in the CaféTO program will be allowed to install temporary patios during the construction delay. All other projects scheduled for this area are still on schedule.

Work Hours

Work will take place from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday, and from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays or Sundays as required.

Physical Distancing

There are times when contractors need to communicate with property owners about what is happening on-site. This could be about driveway access, water shut-offs, exterior pre-construction inspections, and site restoration work (landscaping, installing pavers etc.). The contractor’s staff will be identifiable by their high-visibility clothing.

Where possible, a phone number for a contact person on-site will be provided on notices, to answer questions about work near your property. At other times, the contractor may knock on your door, but will then step away the required distance to discuss the work that is taking place and what can be expected that day.

Please practice physical distancing with workers so everyone can remain safe. If you have questions, call the contact provided on this notice.

Site Safety

Workers on site are responsible for the work assigned to them. If you have construction questions or an issue on-site – ask to be directed to the site inspector. If the site inspector is unavailable, contact the person listed at the end of this notice.

Traffic Management

Efforts have been made to manage traffic in the area for the safety of workers, road users, and residents. Road users should expect delays and increased traffic on nearby main and side streets.

One lane of traffic on Broadview Avenue will be maintained during construction

Road and Sidewalk Access

In order to complete the work in a safe manner, there will be road and sidewalk restrictions within the work zone. Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times.

Driveway Access

The contractor will notify you of any temporary restrictions to your driveway access. If your property has two entrances, one entrance will be kept open at all times.


Parking in the active work zone is not permitted as space is needed for construction equipment and materials. On-street parking will be displaced on Broadview Avenue as construction progresses if your parked vehicle affects construction work, it will be relocated with no charge to the owner. If your vehicle is moved, please contact parking control for its location at 416-808-2222. Affected properties will get additional parking information.

Pre-Construction Inspection

The City of Toronto, will survey all properties within 30 metres of the construction area before construction starts. Participation in the survey is voluntary; however, participating is important in determining if the construction caused damage. The inspection will look at both the interior and exterior of all properties to verify existing conditions. A City contractor will deliver a separate notice requesting time to set up appointments. All inspection staff will be wearing photo identification and carrying photographic equipment during their work.

Water Service Disruptions

From time to time, the water supply to your property will be shut off to complete construction; the contractor will provide notice at least 24-hours in advance. Throughout the work, it is recommended that you temporarily disconnect any water treatment systems (i.e. softeners or filters), water-cooled air conditioners or similar plumbing fixtures. Automatic lawn sprinkler systems may also be affected, therefore, you may need to water manually. In the event you did not receive advance notice, the City may have needed to use an emergency water shut-off to complete work.

Important information for owners of sprinkler systems / heated driveways and private landscaping features: Property owners should remove items located within City property limits (boulevard) to avoid damage. This includes items such as landscaping (plants and pavers), decorative objects, sprinkler systems or heated driveways. If you have a sprinkler system or heated driveway, please contact the City Staff contact listed below.

Telephone and Internet Services

This work may affect phone and internet cables for individual properties that aren’t buried deep below the sidewalk. The contractor will coordinate with utility companies to minimize disruption. Residents who find their service has been disrupted should contact the Field Ambassador and notify their phone or internet service provider.

Accessible Accommodation

The City’s contractor must ensure safe and accessible walkways and entryways are maintained for everyone during construction. Any temporary access disruptions will be communicated as soon as possible. If you experience a disruption, have a specific access need or related accommodation request, please contact the contact listed below.

Garbage and Recycling

Please follow your normal routine. If required, the contractor will move bins to an appropriate location and return them. Please ensure that you label your bins with your address.

Water Flushing

You will see water flushing or running in several areas along this project due to cleaning the new watermain. Before substandard water services are replaced and the new watermain is put into service, the new pipe must meet Toronto Water’s servicing and quality standards. Please DO NOT DRINK OR USE THE FLUSHING WATER, it is not potable.

TTC Service: Transit Service

  • Streetcar service will be temporarily suspended on Broadview.
  • A 504D replacement bus service will operate on Broadview both ways through the City work zone running between Broadview Station and King/Parliament area.
  • 504 King streetcars will operate between Dufferin Gate Loop and Distillery Loop, via Sumach/Cherry
  • 504 King customers can transfer between streetcars and 504D buses on King at Parliament
  • 505 Dundas streetcars will turn back via east on Dundas, north on Parliament, east on Gerrard, south on Broadview and west on Dundas to regular westbound routing. There will be no eastbound service on Dundas between Parliament and Broadview.
  • 505 Dundas customers can transfer between 504D buses and streetcars at Broadview/Gerrard, and at Broadview/Dundas.

For up-to-date transit information visit ttc.ca

While we aim to provide fully accessible content, there is no text alternative available for some of the content on this site. If you require alternate formats or need assistance understanding our maps, drawings, or any other content, please contact us at 416-392-2990 or tracy.manolakakis@toronto.ca

Toronto Hydro Duct Bank Replacement

Replace Toronto Hydro’s duct bank on the Gerrard Street East Bridge over the Don Valley Parkway.

Start: April 5, 2021
End: June 30, 2021

Traffic Management

Work will involve continuous occupation of the eastbound curb lane and south sidewalk on Gerrard Street East from April to June with intermittent eastbound curb lane closures for demobilization.

Prince Edward Viaduct Suicide Prevention Barrier Repairs

Repair the suicide prevention barrier on the Centre span of the bridge.

Start: July 2021
End: August 2021

Traffic Management

Work on the south side of the bridge eastbound traffic will be reduced from three lanes to one lane.
Work on the north side of the bridge eastbound traffic will be reduced from three lanes to two lanes and westbound traffic will be reduced from two lanes to one lane.

Danforth/Royal (DVP Ramp) Bike Lane and Traffic Signal Upgrade

April: Install bicycle signal hardware
May – June: Install line markings and bike lane separators, turn on bicycle signal

Start: April 21, 2021
End: June 30, 2021

Traffic Management

Intermittent daytime or nighttime closures of the eastbound curb lane and bike lane while crews are on site.

Annual Don Valley Parkway (DVP) Maintenance

Annual closure for routine maintenance along the DVP.

Start: June 18, 2021
End: June 21, 2021
Rain date is June 25 – 28, 2021

Traffic Management

All DVP entrances will be closed during maintenance.

TTC Castle Frank Station Easier Access Program

Elevator installation work at the northwest corner of Bloor Street and Castle Frank Road.

Start: Summer 2021
End: 2024

Traffic Management

The southbound curb lane on Castle Frank Road and westbound curb lane on Bloor Street adjacent to Castle Frank Station will be closed for approximately one year during elevator construction.

Once new restart dates are confirmed a revised construction phasing schedule will be posted.

Construction phasing is the sequence of work that will be carried out during this watermain replacement project.

Phase 1

Two construction crews will be working from:

  • Danforth and Broadview moving south
  • Gerrard and Broadview moving north

Crews will:

  • Dig a trench and replace the watermain
  • Disinfect and test the new watermain
  • Connect water services to new watermain

Traffic Management

  • One lane open in each direction for vehicles and bicycles on Broadview Avenue
  • On-street parking will be displaced on Broadview Avenue as construction progresses
  • Pedestrian access along Broadview Avenue will be maintained throughout construction

Phase 2

When the watermain work is complete, crews will restore areas affected by construction.

Traffic Management

  • One lane open in each direction for vehicles and bicycles on Broadview Avenue
  • There will be NO on-street parking between Danforth Avenue and Gerrard Street East

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