Recent inspection by the City shows that sections of Regal Road need resurfacing to bring the road to a state of good repair. Resurfacing involves replacing the asphalt surface and typically happens every 25-35 years.

Road resurfacing presents an opportunity to ensure that the road and intersection meet current standards for safety and accessibility. It also serves to achieve the mandate of the City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, adopted by City Council, which aims to reduce the potential for future traffic related injuries and fatalities on our streets.

As part of the planned resurfacing work, the City will make changes to the intersection of Regal Road and Springmount Avenue. The changes include widening and accessibility upgrades to the sidewalks, reducing the width of the motor vehicles lanes, installing a bump-out on the east side of Springmount Avenue, and extending the curbs at the southwest and southeast corners of the intersection.

Construction Notice

Pre-Construction Notice

Project Update – March 2023

In 2022, we heard from some residents that the intersection did not need to be modified and were concerned with maintaining the existing appearance and that narrowing the intersection will make it less safe.

In reviewing this feedback, we can assure you that staff have undertaken the necessary engineering work to ensure that all vehicle types can move safely through the intersection.

We also recognize that the changes planned for the intersection will mean an adjustment on the part of people driving: a narrower intersection and smaller corner radii will require drivers to proceed through the intersection at a slower speed. This is what is intended and demonstrates how design changes are effective in making our streets safer for everyone.

We believe that the final design addresses the concerns raised while respecting the City’s requirements in the design of the roadway. Therefore, construction will begin in spring 2023.

A Construction Notice will be mailed out at least two weeks in advance of any work. This notice will include details on the construction staging and traffic management.

Missing Sidewalks

At the Virtual Public Meeting on February 16, 2022, a comment was made about the missing sidewalk on Regal Road.

Construction of a sidewalk on the south side of Regal Road is currently not feasible based on slope, retaining walls and mature trees. The roadway has to be narrowed and parking restricted. This scope of work is best bundled with a future road reconstruction where the entire roadbed is replaced and there are more opportunities for extensive work.

In line with City policy, there is an existing sidewalk on the north side of Regal Road; improvements to crossings at the intersections will help people access the existing infrastructure safely.

Requests for new sidewalks can be sent to where requests are logged, investigated and programmed for bundling with future works.

In 2023, a section of Regal Road is planned for resurfacing. As part of the resurfacing, staff are making changes to the intersection of Regal Road and Spingmount Avenue to align with the City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, which aims to improve safety for all road users and reduce traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries on Toronto’s streets. The goals of the changes are to increase visibility between road users, improve accessibility, shorten crossing distances and keep driving speeds low.

Changes Include:

  • Installing a bump-out on the east side of the intersection to shorten crossing distances and improve visibility between people crossing and vehicles
  • Well defined crossing areas with good visibility of people crossing
  • Reducing the corner curb radii to slow vehicle turning speeds
  • Removal of asphalt and increase in green space

Intersection of Regal Road and Springmount Avenue. Concrete sidewalk is planned for Springmount Avenue east and west. Sod and curb extensions are proposed for Regal Road north and south. A bump-out is proposed for the eastside of the intersection

In 2022, City staff presented the planned design for Regal Road and Springmount Avenue to the community. The design for the intersection includes a number of changes that have become standard for many local roads throughout the City, including shorter crossing distances for people walking and tighter corner radii to slow vehicle turning speeds and improve the visibility of people crossing through the intersection.


The project area is the intersection of Regal Road and Springmount Avenue – north of Davenport Road and west of Oakwood Avenue

Map showing intersection of Regal Road and Springmount Ave

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