The Shelter, Support & Housing Administration Division is the service manager for housing and homelessness services in Toronto.

The Division funds and oversees community agencies to deliver services, such as:

  • emergency shelter and supports
  • street outreach
  • 24-hour respite
  • housing stability services (for example, drop-ins, supports to daily living, housing help and eviction prevention)

The biggest part of the Division’s portfolio is the funding and oversight of social housing in Toronto which includes direct management of access to subsidized housing through a centralized waiting list.

The Division also:

  • directly operates emergency and transitional shelter and 24-hour respite programs
  • provides street outreach in the downtown core
  • helps people avoid eviction through case management and housing assistance

The Division’s top priority is to ensure that vulnerable people can access temporary accommodation when they need it, and that permanent housing options are available, accessible and sustainable. To do that, the Division is working with community partners, service users and other stakeholders to transform housing and homelessness service networks into client-centered, outcome-focused systems that help households find and keep stable housing and improve overall well-being.

General Manager (Acting)

Gordon Tanner

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